Nit del dia de Nadal a Ciutat Vella

  1. Beautiful night picture. Great atmosphere. In this case I prefer the color version. Perhaps warm tones would help the b/w picture (i.e., sepia or similar).


  2. La calle me suena, ¡un momento mágico en b/n!…

  3. Me encantan los tonos verdes de la imagen a color, sin embargo el blanco y negro tiene su magia. Felicidades

  4. Muy buena Ferrán. Realmente mágica.

  5. color

  6. i have some hesitation..
    i prefer the B&W but just a little
    very good shot

  7. Beautiful. (Las dos.) I can’t choose which is better. Like them together. :)

  8. I’m sure that I have walked down that very street. B&W by a whisker

  9. A fantastic image! Love the B & W image!

  10. BW if you want to draw attention to the person.
    Color if you want attention to the street/atmosphere.

  11. En B&N es más sugerente.

  12. Felicitacionesssss!