Matmata – A door in the hole

Matmata - A door in the hole

Matmata - A door in the hole

Matmata is the name of a Amazigh tribe which was later given to the village. Matmata is Famous for it’s troglodyte homes.

These troglodyte “homes” consist of a courtyard, 5 to 10 meters deep from which a labyrinth of small rooms for sleeping, grain storage and family gatherings are cut into the soft rock and interconnected by narrow passageways. Access is through a sloping tunnel or by a ladder which could be removed in time of danger.

The interiors are whitewashed and quite cool in summer, indeed there are now hotels installed in these craters which visitors will find amazingly comfortable.

This is a room’s door from one of these “homes”.
  1. Holaa
    Què linda foto!
    Iba caminando por la Via Dante de Milano y vi la puerta abierta y entrè a saludar!
    Nos vemos pronto!

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